Northern Powerhouse gathering pace, but more ambition needed to realise the vision

ICE spokesman Richard Threlfall, Chair of the ICE Northern Powerhouse Panel, has welcomed the gathering momentum of the Northern Powerhouse, but called for greater ambition in to ensure that the vision is achieved.

Commenting, Richard said:

“The vision for the North as an economic powerhouse is gaining momentum and TfN has helpfully now set out a timetable for its initiatives, albeit in nearly all cases we won’t see any impact on the ground until after 2020.

“The collaborative development of the strategy - with the National Infrastructure Commission and others - is encouraging, and this ethos should continue. We also back a mix of transformational projects and smaller scale transport investments, alongside system improvements such as smart ticketing which will enable the North to look, feel and operate as a single zone.

“But we would like to see more ambition, embracing concepts such as an entirely new East – West road and rail corridors from Liverpool to Hull. Only through bold thinking, translated into bold investment, will we unlock the full potential of the Northern Powerhouse.”

Notes to editors

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