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I started working in civil engineering when I was 16, straight after finishing my GCSEs. I wasn’t sure what career I wanted and the opportunity arose for an apprenticeship at Tata Steel Projects (formerly Corus).

April Joy
April Joy

Computer aided design (CAD) was already an interest and I wanted to go into an apprenticeship rather than continue studying. Civil engineering appealed to me as I liked the idea of designing something and seeing it right through to construction.

The challenge and diversity of my work is brilliant. Some of it is office based - for example designing railway level crossings, but I like to visit every site before I start my design. I love being part of a team and working together to overcome problems.

I also enjoy helping new members of the team to develop their skills and always learning myself through new projects and challenges.

I joined ICE as a student member in 2007 when I started my apprenticeship scheme. Tata gave me the opportunity to study one day a week and sponsored my application for ICE membership. This suited me as I enjoyed learning the theory at college and then putting it into practice at work. I was also mentored by a chartered civil engineer during the application process, which was very valuable.

Qualifying as a technician member in 2012 made me very proud and has opened new doors. It has helped me progress to an engineer role, which means I have more responsibilities and manage projects.

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