Emma Velterop, student member

My interest in the built environment was sparked when I lived in Hong Kong. I saw huge areas of land being reclaimed from the sea, and there is an ever-changing skyline. It's interesting how this work affected the economy and environment.

Emma Velterop
Emma Velterop

I’m studying for an MEng in civil engineering at University College London and am really enjoying my course. I especially like ‘scenario weeks’ where we put the theory to the test and complete a whole project. When coursework gets tough, I remind myself that what I learn will help me make positive changes to the lives of other people. So I know it will be worth it in the end!

If you’re thinking of studying civil engineering my advice is to check the exact course content – it’s a subject with a very broad base, so you’ll want to see what areas each course will focus on. You’ll need maths and physics, but I took art A-level too which has helped with design. It’s good to have a range of interests which give you knowledge you can transfer to your engineering work.

I like to keep up with what's going on in the industry by going to lectures, which are also great for networking. My ICE membership has opened doors for me and as it’s free there’s really no reason not to be a member.

Another useful thing was joining the Graduates and Students (G&S) Committee. I've made industry contacts there who might help with finding work placements.

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