Dr Fathi Tarada FICE

My first job after completing my research studies at the University of Sussex happened to be working as a tunnel ventilation designer at a major engineering consultancy in Croydon. This opened up many technical fields for me including my first experience working on international projects in Australia. I certainly caught the engineering bug and I’m still in the same technical field now.

Dr Fathi Tarada FICE
Dr Fathi Tarada FICE

One of the most rewarding projects I worked on was the Solan Tunnel. The tunnel was the first long rail tunnel in Korea, measuring at 16.3km and it includes a spiral. I was the lead consulting engineer supporting Daewoo Corporation in tendering the design of the tunnel. There were a number of difficult design issues including the management of tunnel air quality due to the presence of diesel-hauled trains and mitigation of life safety risks to acceptable levels. Daewoo used my recommendations and they won the tender to construct the tunnel.

I became a Fellow in February 2017. I was already a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Fire Engineers, but Fellowship with ICE offered me an opportunity for a closer interaction with civil engineers at all levels.

When I first heard that I was made a Fellow, I felt great! I also received a lot of positive feedback from my peers after they read about my achievement in Tunnels and Tunnelling International magazine.

So if you're someone operating at a senior level in the engineering industry, it's worthwhile considering applying for ICE Fellowship.

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