Kenneth Chan CEng FICE

Becoming an ICE Fellow is an important milestone in my career. It is greatly satisfying to have my knowledge, ability and experience recognised by ICE and my peers. Fellowship provides me with opportunities to work with and learn from enthusiastic professionals who share common values and ambitions.

Kenneth Chan CEng FICE
Kenneth Chan CEng FICE

I have never thought of being an ICE Fellow until I was encouraged by one of the ICE members during a networking event in Hong Kong.

I’m a Chartered Engineer with over 21 years of civil and geotechnical engineering experience in consulting engineering firms. I work closely with a wide range of clients and across different engineering disciplines to deliver technically complex projects with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Looking back at my career, I was blessed with countless opportunities to make use of my teams’ knowledge and skills to deliver high profile projects on time and within budget.

After I was approached by the ICE member, I sought help from the local ICE Regional Director. I was happy that I met the eligibility criteria after the consultation. It further reinforced my desire to apply for Fellowship. I saw achieving Fellowship as the next step in my career so I was determined to go through with the application. I am so proud that I took that step.

I’m one of the mentors registered with ICE and since I became a Fellow, I received more requests from young members seeking career advice. I’m so pleased that I’m able to share my experience and knowledge with budding civil engineers more than before.

In my current job, I also have an increased opportunity to facilitate and influence business development with new clients and draw talented professionals to work on those projects.

Applying for Fellowship is very straightforward and could be done entirely online. If you are an experienced civil engineer or in a senior position in the industry, I would encourage you to apply for Fellowship. It is the next step to advance your career – it certainly did it for me.

Interested in becoming a Fellow of ICE?

The Fellowship guidance document provides full details on the process and the attributes you will need to demonstrate. Please read this document so that you are fully aware of what you need to provide with your application.

We also offer the option to assess your suitability for Fellowship before applying formally. If you would like this, please contact your Regional Support Team or the Fellowship Executive at [email protected] for advice. To obtain a preliminary assessment, you will need to send us an up-to-date CV (4 sheets of A4 maximum) setting out your personal achievements.

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