Stacy Dowding CEng FICE

I am very proud to have gained recognition for my achievements from those that gained Fellowship before me. Becoming a Fellow has given me a boost in confidence and with that, the personal satisfaction that all the challenges I have overcome have been worth the effort.

Stacy Dowding CEng FICE
Stacy Dowding CEng FICE

When I started out in my career, I was the only female engineer in my team and not all of my colleagues were supportive of my role in the sector.

Fortunately, I had the support of colleagues who encouraged me to persevere in the role. From that moment onwards, I was determined to prove that I was just as capable as my colleagues and never wanted to be questioned again on my abilities. I sought out different opportunities, such as working on-site with site staff for a contractor, working in design offices for consultancies and in client teams for local authorities, to understand all sides of developing and implementing projects.

I have so many career highlights too! From studying civil engineering part-time whilst working in consulting to liaising with site foremen and construction crews, and leading high-profile multi-discipline projects, and continually developing my technical and leadership skills.

I’m currently leading several active travel cycling projects and it is exciting to see them being implemented and contributing to more sustainable travel.

As my career progressed, I realised that the ultimate and unquestionable recognition would be to gain Fellowship. So that’s what I did!

If you are thinking of applying for Fellowship, just go for it! Although the process for gaining the ICE Fellowship isn’t as intensive compared with CEng, take your time to build sufficient evidence to meet the criteria. Also, seek out your sponsors early and discuss which attributes you think you will be best aiming for.

Interested in becoming a Fellow of ICE?

The Fellowship guidance document provides full details on the process and the attributes you will need to demonstrate. Please read this document so that you are fully aware of what you need to provide with your application.

We also offer the option to assess your suitability for Fellowship before applying formally. If you would like this, please contact your Regional Support Team or the Fellowship Executive at [email protected] for advice. To obtain a preliminary assessment, you will need to send us an up-to-date CV (4 sheets of A4 maximum) setting out your personal achievements.

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