Tim Lai, graduate member

I work for Shell in their Offshore Structures Engineering division in the Netherlands, taking care of assets in the Southern North Sea.

Tim Lai
Tim Lai

My small team looks after 70 platforms, ranging from unmanned monotowers to enormous multi-platform complexes. We plan for all stages of the life-cycle of these structures. This ranges from designing new projects in sensitive natural environments, to tendering, constructing, maintaining and decommissioning.

One of the most fun parts of my job is travelling offshore by helicopter. Out in remote areas of the sea, the challenges involved in our work to meet energy demands really sink in.

In my spare time I co-ordinate the graduate network in the Netherlands on behalf of ICE.

I’m on a company approved training scheme which allows me to work towards MICE at a fairly rapid pace. My supervising civil engineer works with me, so we try to sign objectives off as we go.

When I’m outside the UK I attend ICE events remotely online. I also use the ICE library, which sends me books by international post, all for no extra cost.

I love travelling to different countries and am trying to visit 100 by the time I am 30! I get an extraordinary buzz from meeting new people and soaking up their cultures. Connecting with people is a key skill of being a civil engineer. We have a duty to do this for the communities we’re creating infrastructure for, as they're affected by our projects.

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