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A civil engineering apprenticeship means that an employer provides an apprentice with a full-time job with training alongside.

With the new trailblazer apprenticeships an apprentice spends 80% of their time in the workplace with a designated mentor and 20% with a college, training provider or university – either through day-release or block-release.

Successful apprentices go through an End Point Assessment (EPA) at the end of the apprenticeship.

Trailblazer apprenticeships have their own standards and assessment plans developed by employer groups and approved by government. Details of these, funding and training providers are listed on Gov.uk.

ICE approved apprenticeships, England

Employer groups with support from ICE and the JBM have devised standards which align with EngTech and IEng qualifications. These ICE approved apprenticeships include:

Meanwhile, programmes designed in-line wih the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) apprenticeship frameworks continue as before. For ICE this is the Civil Engineering for Technicians (L3) and all trainees will undertake a Technician Professional Review (TPR). ICE works closely with the approved colleges to ensure that the date and location of the TPR is convenient to all parties.

Training providers

The register of apprenticeship training providers is a list of organisations that are eligible to receive government funding to train apprentices. For the standards listed above this will normally be a college or university but it could also be a private provider.

As both the Level 6 standards mandate an accredited degree as an academic requirement our accreditation committee, the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM), has issued guidelines for those providers who wish to offer an accredited degree. Training providers who want to align with ICE’s requirements for approval or accreditation should contact [email protected]

ICE as End Point Assessor Organisation (EPAO)

Employers are free to choose which EPAO to use for their apprentice’s End Point Assessment (EPA). However, in order to undertake an EPA the organisation has to be registered. ICE is registered to undertake the EPA for the following:

EPA shortcut to EngTech or IEng

Once apprentices have successfully completed their EPA they can choose to become professionally registered either as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) or an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) depending on the standard attained.

If ICE carries out the EPA this assessment incorporates the requirements of our professional review process and those who want can therefore be admitted to qualified ICE membership and registration with the Engineering Council as a result.

To enable this ICE recommends that apprentices undertake a JBM accredited course and use our IPD Online system to record their experience as they go.

Developing new standards and standards revision?

Employers who want to develop new standards and align them with requirements for approval or accreditation should contact:

E: [email protected]


Apprenticeships in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

Modern Apprenticeships will lead to Technician membership of the ICE. A Graduate Apprenticeship will lead to IEng registration with the ICE. Apprentices will be able to apply for the Technician Professional Review or the Member Professional review once they have a suitable accredited academic qualification and the appropriate experience.

Northern Ireland
Skills to succeed (apprenticeships) will allow trainees (16 – 25) to register as an apprentice. Graduates from these programmes can progress to registration as an Engineering Technician (if you complete one of the approved programmes or study and gain appropriate practical experience), Incorporated Engineer (if you complete an accredited degree and gain appropriate experience) or Chartered Engineer (if you complete an accredited degree and gain appropriate experience at the appropriate levels).

At the moment there is no apprenticeship scheme in place that is similar to the systems in England or Scotland.

Contact ICE about apprenticeships

Whether you’re an employer or training provider ICE can advise on developing and managing apprenticeships.

E: [email protected]


Starting an apprenticeship

If you're interested in finding out more about starting an apprenticeship, ICE has details on the options avialable - whatever your age.