Culture and sport celebrated in top 200 civil engineering projects that shaped the world

Football and an avant garde museum have resulted in some of the most significant examples of civil engineering from the past 200 years.

The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and Soccer City in Johannesburg have joined the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) 200 People and Projects list, illustrating how civil engineering has shaped the world and transformed people's lives for the better.

These projects have been selected for their skilful design and engineering but also for the role they've played in boosting tourism and economic regeneration.

Nathan Baker, Engineering Knowledge Director at ICE, said:

"When people think of civil engineering, they're likely to imagine a bridge or a tunnel – if they know what a civil engineer does at all. The reality is so much more, with civil engineers designing, planning and building the world around us and having a direct impact on people's lives. Projects like the Museum of Tomorrow and Soccer City are not only extraordinary examples of design; their construction has made a huge difference for their respective local economies, attracting millions of visitors and creating thousands of jobs."

The Museum of Tomorrow was part of Rio's regeneration project for the 2016 summer Olympics, bringing a popular tourist attraction to what was once one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the city. The museum's design incorporated innovative use of natural resources, enabling it to use 40% less energy than conventional buildings.

Soccer City is a football stadium in Johannesburg close to the township of Soweto. Originally constructed in 1989 as a ground for national team games and key domestic fixtures, it was extensively rebuilt for the 2010 World Cup, leading to investment opportunities for South African construction companies and other businesses and creating 4,700 jobs. The stadium was the site of Nelson Mandela's first speech after his release from prison in 1990 and also the location for his memorial service in December 2013.

To mark the ICE's 200th anniversary, and to support Government's Year of Engineering, the Institution is highlighting 200 inspirational and world-changing projects, both past and present, from around the world. A select number of the 200 projects are being unveiled each month on the What Is Civil Engineering? careers pages on the ICE website, with the full list published by the end of 2018. Other projects in May's announcement include the Lloyd's building in London, Hong Kong airport and Millau Viaduct.