Government has opportunity to collaborate with construction industry and ensure a sustainable future, says ICE

The Government can play a key role in helping construction towards a more productive and sustainable future if it works closely with industry, says the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

ICE has presented a submission for the Government’s Construction Strategy 2016-2020 via the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) for consideration by the Government Construction Board (GCB). The submission recommends ways the Government can refine its approach to commercial strategy, procurement, contracts, digital transformation and risk management.

Hannah Vickers, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, said ICE recognised the importance of the Government’s Construction Strategy (GCS) and the role it could play in helping to build a sustainable future for construction, and approached the IPA to enter a submission to the 2018 update.

“In creating this submission, we have bought together key industry experts to highlight best practice. The door is open for the Government to collaborate with the industry to help shape the development of the GCS and together build a sustainable and productive future for construction within the UK.

“We hope to see the Government use its substantial influence effectively and consistently to help build an environment that fosters better working practices, and deliver a step-change in its relationship with industry.”

The submission makes 12 recommendations to the Government, in the areas of commercial strategy, procurement process, contracting approach, risk management and digital transformation.

They include the Government adopting the commercial principles set out in Project 13 to promote better engagement with the supply chain, the continued championing of the two-stage open book contracting, introduction a standardised, more collaborative approach to risk measurement and mitigation, and building the foundations for Building Information Modelling levels three and four to enhance digital transformation and use of the existing asset base.

As part of the submission process, ICE and its Procurement Advisory Group created a best practice guidance note. This document sets out, based on best practical experience, the key principles that support successful procurement, and is aimed at client organisations.

Notes to Editors

Read the full submission on the ICE website
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