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ICE responds to the government's infrastructure announcement to Build Build Build

Press statement

Commenting on the Prime Minister's speech on economic recovery, Nick Baveystock, ICE Director-General, said:

“Infrastructure is at the heart of a successfully functioning economy. Now, probably more than at any time in the last 50 years, we need strong leadership to drive through a transformational national infrastructure plan with economic growth at its heart. Today’s announcements rightly accelerate much of what had already been announced or planned. The trick will be to keep the momentum implied in the Prime Minister’s speech. 

“We already know what the challenges are: decarbonisation, productivity, the undue focus on lowest capital cost rather than whole life value to the public, and the need for greater integration between infrastructure systems. We already have programmes to address these - digitalisation, net zero, and Project 13 are just some of them. Project Speed has to operate at pace, with clients at the heart of it and able to take action across their supply chains. This will challenge old orthodoxies. We should welcome that."