ICE welcomes Government report on technical education changes

ICE welcomes the Government’s white paper on the reform of technical education but cautions more detail is needed for successful implementation

Commenting on the Government’s proposed reform of technical education, Seán Harris, ICE Director of Membership, said:

“This report, commissioned by Lord Sainsbury for the Government, is a welcome contribution to the ongoing drive for a more highly skilled workforce. Importantly, it proposes to simplify technical education routes and improve careers guidance, which will help prospective students to identify a path that is right for them. Clearly, there will be much detail to iron out before any implementation.

“It is vital that construction and engineering courses lead to professional, work-based qualifications – any plans to reform the provision of college-taught technical engineering qualifications must guarantee this. We are committed to working with Government and other stakeholders, to continue to ensure that engineers receive the professional training and skills that businesses need to grow the economy and deliver a better quality of life.”

Notes to editors

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