Project 13 Future Leaders panel aims to "significantly impact" the industry for the better

The Project 13 Future Leaders have come together for the first time to map out how to provide challenge and support to the existing executive team and to help ensure the successful implementation of the initiative.

P13 future leaders
P13 future leaders

The new panel includes:

  • Lucy Howard (chair) (Turner & Townsend)
  • Heather Cox (Rolls Royce)
  • Miranda Sharp (Ordinance Survey)
  • Tom Wooster (Rider Levett Bucknall)
  • Zoe Henderson (Doctoral student, UCL)
  • Doug Mills (Bam Nuttall)
  • Aaron Matthew (Transport for London)

It has been agreed that the Future Leaders – made up of ambitious and promising members of the Project 13 community – will be central to the project’s delivery. As the community at large helps to bring about a culture shift in the industry – moving from transaction to enterprise – the Future Leaders will bring fresh thinking and new approaches to the profession that is pushing for a step change in the way it delivers infrastructure.

The Future Leaders panel will assist the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and partners by:

  • advising and commenting on the work of each Project 13 steering group in the 5 key work streams
  • hold those steering groups to account
  • liaise directly with business leaders, employees and beyond to promote the aims of Project 13 and to secure their buy-in to the initiative

Lucy Howard, Future Leaders Panel Chair and Director, Turner & Townsend said:

“We believe that we can significantly impact our industry. We want our generation to be part of a change from the inside out to deliver infrastructure that meets our customer needs and supports our economic futures. We’re going to be searching out best practice, challenging existing business models, and encouraging everyone in the industry to consider advancing our approach to the way we work even further.”

Project 13 is an innovative and strategic programme aimed at changing the way business and the profession work together. The UK’s productivity is poor compared to other G7 countries – 35% behind Germany and 18% behind the G7 average. Organisations from all levels of the supply chain agree that the infrastructure industry's current business model is broken. Too often projects are delivered over budget, past deadline and below par.

Project 13 intends to change that with a new long-term, value driven approach. Drawing heavily on the experience of regulated utilities in delivering both projects and programmes, the Project 13 model aims to overcome the series of disparate relationships between owners and suppliers that directly affect both productivity and performance.

The Infrastructure Client Group, chaired by @one Alliance CEO Dale Evans, established the Project 13 Community and will oversee five working groups to assess and develop how this new approach can be rolled out. Each group represents a critical feature for delivering the right infrastructure.

These groups are:

  • Governance
  • Organisation
  • Integration
  • Capable owner
  • Digital transformation

You can find out more about the Future Leaders panel and the Project 13 community by visiting

More information

The Future Leaders has been selected from the Project 13 community and includes:

  • Oversight of P13 Programme (Future Leaders Panel Chair)
    Focusing on how all of the individual work streams will ultimately come together as a coherent programme.
    Led by: Nick Baveystock (Institution of Civil Engineers) Simon Murray (Consultant) Lucy Howard (Turner & Townsend)
  • Planning for P13 Implementation
    Focusing on the steps each of the work streams are taking to think about how the change programme will be implemented.
    Led by: Miles Ashley (Wessex Advisory) Heather Cox (Rolls Royce)
  • Digital Transformation Workstream
    Establish a shared understanding of how digital technologies will transform organisations managing infrastructure networks.
    Led by: Mark Enzer (Mott MacDonald) Miranda Sharp (Ordinance Survey)
  • Organisation Workstream
    Establish methodologies for creating integrated organisations of suppliers and owners with aligned interests and effective relationships between partners.
    Led by: Dale Evans (Anglian Water) Tom Wooster (Rider Levett Bucknall)
  • Governance Workstream
    Establish systems of governance that can maximise value to customers and stakeholders rather than minimise initial capital cost.
    Led by: Richard Threlfall (KPMG) Zoe Henderson (Doctoral student, UCL)
  • Integration Workstream
    Establish the capabilities, processes and systems needed to achieve effective integration and the roles and responsibilities of the integrator.
    Led by: Mark Reynolds (Mace) Doug Mills (Bam Nuttall)
  • Capable Owner Workstream
    Establish the capabilities required by an effective owner organisation and a common approach for the recruitment, development & training of leaders.
    Led by: Phil Wilbraham (Heathrow) Aaron Matthew (Transport for London)