Activity based costing for engineers

A great turnout for Munawar Hameed as he shared his expertise on Activity Based Costing with Civil Engineers in Muscat, Oman

Munawar Hameed delivering his presentation.
Munawar Hameed delivering his presentation.

Munawar Hameed, Head of Marketing and Public Relations – Oman College of Management and Technology, Barka, Oman, was the featured speaker at the recent Muscat Learned Event in August.

Munawar has 30 years Professional experience in training, teaching, mentoring, counselling, advising, delivering, online assessment, registration, student's affairs, planning & development, executive education, marketing and public relations, faculty recruitment, administration, practical assignments, research (IFRS, IAS & Islamic Banking ) and quality assurance at different academic levels according to assessments & standards of top professional business schools, colleges and universities (Affiliated with University of Cambridge International Examinations, London School of Economics, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants- UK, University of Bradford, UK, Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology- Malaysia, Higher Education Commission- Pakistan, & Ministry of Manpower ,Oman).

He is presently Head of Marketing and Public Relations- Oman College of Management and Technology, Barka, Oman, Director of Research and Liaison. ISACA-Muscat Chapter, Official Mentor for ACCA from Oxford Brookes University, UK. and the Knowledge Ambassador- Knowledge Oman.

The presentation focused on Activity Based Costing, which is one of the main ways companies around the world have refined their costing systems. In this competitive age organizations are producing an increasing variety of products and services. Profit is the key factor which is a result of revenue minus cost. There is a vital need to measure the cost more accurately.

Activity Based Costing is one of the best tools for refining a costing system not only for Financial and Management accountants but also for Engineers associated with different projects. The presentation covered the following areas.

  • Fathers of Engineering and Accounting.
  • Relation between Engineering and Accounting.
  • Financial and Management Accounting.
  • Cost Accounting- Project Accounting.
  • Activity Based Costing.
  • Stages in Activity Based Costing.
  • Activity Based Costing- A case Analysis.

Download the presentation slides.