Over 240 members seek help to get Back to Work

The ICE Benevolent Fund has supported over 240 members with its Back to Work scheme since its inception.

Sofiane Merdaci family.
Sofiane Merdaci family.

It is one of the core offerings of the Ben Fund and continues to be an important part of building members' resilience and getting them back into work and in particular, civil engineering.

"The Back to Work scheme often complements our financial assistance programme" explained Kris Barnett, Chief Executive Officer of the ICE Ben Fund. "Members often have a number of circumstances impacting them when they get in touch and job loss is often the root cause of financial hardship. If we can support them back into work, it makes a huge difference to their financial and emotional well-being."

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Hear from Jon and Sofiane about how the Back to Work scheme helped them: