Be part of our new ‘Who’s Who in Civil Engineering’ supplement

ICE and the Birmingham Post have joined forces to publish the first ever Who’s Who in Civil Engineering supplement. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to feature in the publication which comes out on 20th October.

Birmingham Post Supplement front page.
Birmingham Post Supplement front page.

We hope that this positive supplement, which will be published on Thurs 20th October and be distributed inside all copies of The Birmingham Post West Midlands circulation area and uploaded on to the Post website and free Post App giving a total audience of over 290,000 will help to raise the profile of civil engineers and civil engineering firms in the West Midlands region. We want the publication to reflect the breadth of civil engineering disciplines; showcase the experience of our senior engineers, the role they play in society, and the projects which they design.

The aim of this new supplement is to throw a spotlight on the West Midlands civil engineering organisations and their highly experienced civil engineers who work within them and are responsible for delivering the UK's infrastructure and ensuring the growth of our economy.

If you would like to be represented in the first ever Who's Who in Civil Engineering special supplement and gain some valuable corporate branding and positive publicity please contact:

Tony Williams
t: 0121 234 5262
m: 07970 728274

Discounted rates ranging from £325 for a 5 x 7 strap advert, up to £2,750 for the main sponsorship package which includes advertising, editorial and front cover branding, and plenty of options in between.