Become an ICE Reviewer

Join a team that does important work for the future of civil engineering

Become a reviewer for ICE.
Become a reviewer for ICE.

We are looking for experienced, professionally qualified ICE members, technicians and fellows to become ICE Reviewers.

We need more Reviewers to assess individuals who want to become professional qualified members of ICE. Could you spare just one or two days a year to help us with our Professional Reviews?

This is a great opportunity for experienced members of ICE to help the next generation of civil engineers and to help keep standards high in the profession.

"Being an ICE Reviewer is very rewarding, as you communicate with young engineers who will benefit from your professional guidance and feedback for their career development and personal growth." Dr ATC Yueng CEng FICE.

The industry needs more qualified civil engineers and technicians. Please help us help our members become qualified.

A rewarding role

Becoming a reviewer helps the next generation of civil engineers, and is interesting and rewarding. Being a reviewer allows you to:

  • Inspire and influence young engineers by engaging with candidates and their work
  • Develop your interviewing and critical thinking skills, your interpersonal and professional skills, as well as competency which can contribute towards your CPD
  • Stay up to date with technical innovation and progress in the industry
  • Keep professional standards high
  • Grow your professional network by meeting other Reviewers working in a range of sectors

Who can become a reviewer?

ICE members, technicians and fellows who are experienced and professionally qualified can be part of the Reviewer team, including those who have retired and are still professionally involved with the industry.

Get in touch

To find out more about becoming an ICE reviewer, email your details (including your membership number) to or call +44 (0)20 7665 2344. There is also more information on our website.

Be part of a team that does important work for the future of civil engineering.