ICE Ben Fund’s new Take10 campaign highlights support for families

The Ben Fund is rolling out a new marketing campaign designed to reach not just members and former members of ICE, but also their families.

Stuart and Jade
Stuart and Jade

The Ben Fund website has a number of case stories demonstrating the impact of its services on those members who access it. However, today’s new film launch, gives details of not just how they are supporting Stuart Hooper, but also his wife Jade, following a cancer diagnosis.

Stuart’s film which launches on 11 May, looks at different types of support the Ben Fund offers; from one-off financial support for adaptations and help with mobility, to financial advice and ongoing monthly payments to help while Stuart is unable to work.

Stuart talks about how the financial support has brought him and Jade closer together, and improved his mental wellbeing. Jade, Stuart’s wife, also shares how the support has helped them both and brings the family member perspective into the film.

The marketing campaign and film is being rolled out on social media from 11 May using the hashtags #Take10, #StuartsFilm and #ICEBenFund.

Kris Barnett, CEO of ICE Benevolent Fund said: “Awareness of our services amongst the membership has grown considerably over the past few years. But often members don’t know that our services extend to their dependent family members too. By that we mean long-term partners, spouses and children under 18 years. In fact, we offer support even in the sad event that the member is no longer around.”

A number of short trailers will be used to encourage viewing of the film, which is almost 10 minutes long.

“The film trailers will speak to different audiences and drive film views, at a time when more people are seeking out support on social channels” said Samantha Payne, Marketing Manager.

If you know current, or former members of the ICE, or you have family members that would benefit from being able to access our financial and wellbeing services, then please share the film with them.

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