ICE 200: Hong Kong engineers praised for their skills

Engineers are the ‘genius of Hong Kong’ says British Consul Andrew Heyn at a recent ICE 200 event.

Dr Ana M Ruiz-Teran: bridges connect people to places
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Dr Ana M Ruiz-Teran: bridges connect people to places

ICE Hong Kong has launched a high profile lecture series that takes an in-depth look at  the creativity and complexity of civil engineering.

The first, ‘Excellence & Innovation: There is No Bridge Too Far’, was attended by British Consul Andrew Heyn.  It highlighted the symbolic and iconic status of bridges in connecting people to places, both physically and emotionally.

Speakers included Dr Robin Sham, global long span and specialty bridges director, AECOM, and Dr Ana M Ruiz-Teran, senior lecturer in bridge engineering, Imperial College, London.

Consul Heyn expressed his appreciation for the resilience of Hong Kong’s infrastructure, citing the example of the extreme typhoon in Hong Kong last year. He also spoke about the often overlooked role that engineers play, a key theme of ICE 200.

“People talk about the entrepreneur spirit in HK, talk about the energy in HK, talk about the fantastic services, like banking, insurance and the great law companies. But it seems that the engineers are the genius of Hong Kong," he said. "When you look around and you see what has been achieved on a small landmass - it is awe inspiring.”

The event was held in association with AECOM, and supports the UK’s four day Great Festival of Innovation which offers the latest thinking on innovation across industry, society and community.

Dr Sham currently features as one of ICE’s ‘Invisible Superheroes’ at our centrepiece ICE 200 exhibition at One Great George Street.