Challenges facing infrastructure engineers in emerging markets

In a talk to students organised by ICE’s Kolkata Local Association Graham Cogswell CEng FICE MCIHT spoke on: ‘Challenges Facing Infrastructure Engineers in the Mass Movement of People in Emerging Markets’.

Mr. And Mrs. Cogswell with the attendees.
Mr. And Mrs. Cogswell with the attendees.

Graham started with the basic definition of transportation engineering and highlighted the planning and policy aspects of transportation engineering. He mentioned about his experience to decongest populated urban areas and indicated how gradual change in people's behaviour in opting for preferred mode of transportation could help accomplish the objectives of transportation planning.

He picked specific references from various Indian cities and correlated these to similar situations in other cities where efficient transportation systems were planned and are now being operated. He emphasized adequate planning required for design of interface of multi-modal transportation system with suitable examples and how simple and inexpensive ways could really make significant difference in ameliorating peoples' trouble for using various modes of transportation.

The attendees were predominantly civil engineering students who got a rare opportunity to listen to an international transportation engineering expert trying to correlate issues in transportation planning between Indian and foreign cities and specifically mentioned ways in which principles used in developed in more organized societies can be potentially replicated with suitable modifications.