Doors open on ICE Scotland civil engineering museum

The ICE Scotland Museum opened its doors to the public during September to mark Edinburgh Doors Open Day.

Visitors being shown Michaelis
Visitors being shown Michaelis's Double Lever Cement Testing Apparatus at ICE Scotland’s Museum

Housed at Heriot Watt University's Riccarton campus, the collection's 400 pieces include many items unique to the museum.

Four members of the museum committee three volunteers showed 40 visitors, over four one-hour tours, around the museum and its collection. Written feedback on the tours was excellent.

The main focus of the day was the three bridges over the River Forth at Queensferry. During the guided tours visitors were taken round the various museum locations with a selection of some of the more interesting items highlighted and explained.

All visitors were taken to the William Arrol Building Conference Room where we had laid out a number of items, photographs and printed matter which the museum is unable to display on a permanent basis.

ICE members are welcome to visit the museum and David McGuigan will organise a tour. He can be contacted at