East of England Pitch 200 deadline extended

Wanna be a film star and win over people with your great idea? Pitch 200 is for members who can best demonstrate a civil engineering concept or project to the general public in a 200 second presentation.

Pitch 200: what
Pitch 200: what's your idea and can you explain it in 200 seconds?

Fancy a go? Send your idea in a 60 second video. If it’s good you may be invited to make the full feature ie 200 seconds.

For ICE 200 we are asking you to submit a presentation in the weirdest, wackiest and most unconventional way using anything at your disposal to explain your chosen civil engineering idea in only 200 seconds.

Recent Pitch 200 examples include demonstrating pavement engineering with granola, one candidate who delivered his entire pitch as a poem and items such as coat hangers, cardboard and jugs of water.

The East of England final will be in Cambridge on Wednesday 9 May.

Last year ICE London region ran a similar competition called Pitch 180 which is where the idea for Pitch 200 sprang from. View the videos to give you an idea of what to do and of course this year you get 20 seconds more. Go on, what are you waiting for? Lights, camera, action!

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