Emerging Engineers Award final 2017

Well done to those that entered, every year the competition is harder to judge. This year, 4 finalists presented out of the 14 top quality regional finalist entries from the regional and branch competitions across the International young members of ICE graduate and student members.

  • Updated: 17 November, 2017
  • Author: Glen Owen

This year's presentations were from:

  • Robin de Jongh (East Midlands) – How to lift a building with your bare hands. This witty presentation utilised the simplicity of a child’s logic when looking at how a structural engineer does their work. If Mr Strong can lift a building with his barehands, then surely a engineer can too!
  • Harriette Stone (London) – Using omnidirectional cameras and UAVs to asses structural damage after large earthquakes. Safely analysing the crumbling ruins of buildings after earthquakes can be made easier by technology. Harriette explored the limitations of the technology in order to further the use in a real earthquake devastated region
  • Sumesh Sankar (Bahrain) – Feasibility studies of geopolymer concrete for structural applications. Showed the extents of creating new materials for use in construction. The increased research of geopolymer concrete could provide the key to stronger environment material.
  • Jasmine Tombs (South West) – Evacuated tube transport, the future of goods transportation? Getting around the UK can be time consuming but getting to Manchester from Felixstowe in less than 30 minutes is literally a pipedream. Jasmine explored to promising use of Elon Musk’s technology in the world of transport.

All the finalists were commended for their efforts, the variety of topics as well as the presentation styles. Jasmine Tombs was the winner of the International final, showing her passion for the revolutionary topic as well as personal understanding of the topic.