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ICE 200: for the love of engineering

What makes someone give up their Saturday to spread the word about the wonders of civil engineering?

ICE 200: people amazed by civil engineering
ICE 200: people amazed by civil engineering's impact

A team of 12 volunteers spent a busy day at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry, providing hands-on civil engineering activities and information to over 1,000 people.

ICE 200 – our programme of activities built around celebrating the institution's 200th birthday – is the perfect opportunity for members to reach out to people who may not know much about civil engineering, or the massive impact it has on our lives.

ICE Member and organiser of the event, Katie Goode, said: "When you start explaining what civil engineering is and how much it impacts on pretty much everything around us people are often quite amazed. I love being able to open people's eyes to what we do. It's well worth giving up a Saturday for!"

ICE member and North West Junior Vice Chair, Jason Hyde added: "It is great talking to people and explaining what civil engineers do. ICE may be celebrating 200 years but that doesn't mean we stand still - the industry is constantly evolving. It really is an exciting time to get involved in civil engineering."

ICE 200 activities are ongoing throughout 2018. The North West Pitch 200 competition is currently open, giving ICE members the chance to explain a civil engineering concept to members of the public in just 200 seconds. Submit your entries before 16 February 2018.