Incoming ICE President to welcome US and Canadian counterparts on day 4 of GEC

Andrew Wyllie, who takes up the role in November, will be making opening remarks as chair.

Incoming ICE President Andrew Wyllie.
Incoming ICE President Andrew Wyllie.

The CEO of construction engineering firm Costain and incoming ICE President, Andrew Wyllie, will chair a session at the start of day four (Thursday 25 October 2018) of the Global Engineering Congress (GEC), featuring keynote addresses from his North American peers.

Robin Kemper, President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) will speak about the organisation’s roadmap to sustainability, including how it’s helping engineers to develop solutions that are “economically feasible” and “socially equitable”. 

Meanwhile, Glenn Hewus, President of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE), will talk about the tools and approaches to sustainable development that it champions. The keynote will also focus on how engineers use digital tools to improve processes across the whole of a project’s life cycle. 

How the society can benefit from engineering

The keynotes will set the theme for the day, “Engineering and its societal benefits”, and attendees will have a chance to hear about a range of case studies that show this in action.

For example, one session will reveal how Virunga National Park in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo is aiming to become the country’s second largest power supplier.

The area currently has two hydroelectric power plants - a number that’s expected to at least double by 2022 - that are already providing stability to the fragile state of Eastern Congo.  

In another session, attendees will gain insight from LA Metro into strategies that allow revenue generated and cost-savings made from infrastructure projects to be reinvested in the local community. 

A chance for engineers to learn from each other

The GEC will also give attendees a chance to share knowledge, such as in a session led by Happold Foundation alumni. 

In small groups, delegates will be encouraged to talk about how their organisation has fostered innovation in an increasingly digital world, and inspired the next generation.

Day 4 will close with a panel discussion on how to maximise the application of sustainability solutions.

The panellists will include senior executives from engineering and design firm Arup, consultancy Mott McDonald, digital supplier management platform provider IAND, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.