Government announce details of Construction Sector Deal

Details of the £420m Construction Sector Deal have been announced

Industrial Strategy: Construction Sector Deal
Industrial Strategy: Construction Sector Deal

The Government has published the details of its Construction Sector Deal .

The Construction Sector Deal is part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy and sets out what it believes to be the foundations for an ambitious partnership between the Government and industry to transform the sector.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) have identified and committed to addressing many of the key challenges and opportunities facing the UK Construction sector.

Nick Baveystock, ICE Director General, said the deal showed the Government’s firm commitment to transforming the sector.

“We welcome, in particular, the focus on creating a new sustainable business model for construction, which the report recognises is in line with the work we have been doing on Project 13.

This industry-led initiative has created a model that will boost certainty and productivity in delivery, improve whole life outcomes in operation and support a more sustainable, innovative, highly skilled industry; all things the Sector Deal has emphasised are needed.

ICE welcomes the focus on priority areas, such as future construction skills and creating a more productive, sustainable industry echoes ICE’s own analysis.

“It is now up to the industry to grab the opportunities this deal offers us with two hands. We should also remember that this document should not be seen as static, but rather provide a platform for continuous collaboration between all relevant government departments, industry and trade bodies,” Mr Baveystock said.

Lord Robert Mair, ICE President, said he was particularly pleased to see a focus on future skills.

“As the industry adapts and changes to new technologies, so too do the skills we need our future engineers to be learning. Ensuring we have enough, highly talented professionals coming into the industry is paramount in ensuring our infrastructure is fit for future generations.”

In a year in which ICE celebrates its bicentenary, it is fitting that this Sector Deal can help lay the foundations for the future transformation of the industry, delivering a change for the better for those both working in, and benefiting from, the work the construction sector does.

The Construction Sector Deal was first announced on 22 November 2017 in the Autumn Budget and formally launched on 27 November 2017 in the Industrial Strategy: building a Britain fit for the future. Today’s announcement provides more details.

Read the full Construction Sector Deal on the BEIS website.