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Have your say on the Presidential Commission

21 February 2019

Members have been invited to comment on the first stage of the review into ICE’s governance.

Have your say on the Presidential Commission

ICE members have been called to give feedback on encouraged to contribute to the Presidential Commission into ICE’s governance, which is currently in stage one of its work.

In this initial stage, the Commission is considering the key principles and issues for ICE governance.

This includes taking evidence and submissions from ICE members and stakeholders, discussions with the main ICE boards and committees, consulting the associated societies, and reviewing the governance of similar organisations.

Members can have their say by visiting the Commission’s webpage, where there is background information and questions the Commission is particularly interested in can be found.

The closing date for comments in stage one is Monday 8 April 2019.

There will be a chance for members to provide further input when the Commission issues its interim report for consultation later in the year.

  • David Orr, The chair of the Presidential Commission