Technical talk: how robotics can help develop infrastructure

A Genesis talk by Fluid Robotics looked at the role of robotics in the rapid expansion and urbanisation of India’s cities.

Technical talk: how robotics can help develop infrastructure
Technical talk: how robotics can help develop infrastructure

How robotics can help with rapid urban expansion was the subject of ICE Mumbai's monthly technical talk by Fluid Robotics CEO Asim Bhalerao.

Urbanisation involves the development of smart cities infrastructure, drainage and sewage systems. However, these utility networks get buried over time during the upgrade of existing roads and other installations. These ageing drainage and sewage systems need regular maintenance and retrofitting to ensure their effectiveness.

The use of technology such as robotics, GIS and thermal mapping can help in identifying and mapping drainage networks, sewers and other underground utilities. Mapping these underground networks and creating a detailed profile means that problems can be rectified quickly.

Fluid Robotics has been involved with some of India's oldest and densely populated cities such as Mumbai and Pune, doing pilot projects to identify defects in the ageing sewage systems. Similarly, the discharge volume of the sewage entering through different inlets into Mithi River are analysed using GIS and specialised software. This analysis has helped in identifying proper channeling of sewage disposal and treatment.

Another application for this technology is mapping farm lands, crop types and water consumption for effective planning of water distribution systems.