ICE 200: Engineering landmarks highlighted on Scotland’s coastal tourist route

Stand-out civil engineering projects have been added to guides for one of Scotland’s top tourist trails and will feature in ICE 200 events.

ICE: key engineering projects highlighted on the NC500 route
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ICE: key engineering projects highlighted on the NC500 route

Engineers in Scotland have teamed up with the popular North Coast 500 (NC500) route to showcase great examples of engineering along the way to coincide with and promote ICE 200.

Scotland's 500 mile coastal route has over time attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world who want to experience its scenery, wildlife and history.

Featured engineering projects include bridges, power stations, buildings and canals. Many of them are Thomas Telford projects – renowned Scottish engineer and ICE's first President. Local ICE members are planning site visits and talks as part of ICE 200's Explore Engineering and Café 200 events.

Alasdair Couttie, from ICE's Highlands and Islands branch, says: "Telling the story about the infrastructure on which communities depend helps us understand the extent to which civil engineering transforms lives."

Details about the featured projects are on the NC500 website.