ICE 200: Engineers say cheers to a Pint of Science

Wales Chair Sarah Jones and other ICE engineers held an interactive talk at a local Cardiff pub as part of the international Pint of Science festival and ICE 200 celebrations.

ICE Wales Cymru Chair Sarah Jones with Tony Harrington and Pint of Science staff at Old Market Tavern, Cardiff
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ICE Wales Cymru Chair Sarah Jones with Tony Harrington and Pint of Science staff at Old Market Tavern, Cardiff

Science was the hot topic of discussion in Cardiff pubs as the world's largest festival of public science talks returns to the capital for the second time. 'Pint of Science Cardiff' sees 30 scientists take to the stage in a variety of pubs across Cardiff to deliver fun, interactive and engaging talks about their topic of research.

The 3 day event simultaneously took place across 100 cities and 12 countries from 14-16 May.

As part of ICE 200 celebrations ICE Wales Cymru took to the stage at the Old Market Tavern in Cardiff to explain why buildings stand up, talk about civil engineering as a career and demonstrate how science and engineering can be fun as well as great for society.

ICE Wales Cymru Chair and nuclear safety engineer Sarah Jones helped celebrate ICE's 200th birthday and ran a pop quiz about engineering. "The evening was themed around the invisible superheroes of our communities – civil engineers," she says.

"From structures to bridges, sewage treatment to sea water quality and battery powered trains, every part of our lives depends on their work.

"Holding talks in a pub worked well with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere particularly our yes/no quiz to test the audience on engineering facts and figures. I would encourage colleagues and friends to go to Pint2019 – especially if they have a budding engineer in the family."

Director of Environment, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Tony Harrington says, "Great engineering goes hand in hand with great science. If you want the former, you need the latter."

Mott MacDonald Bentley senior civil engineer and ICE Wales Cymru Vice Chair Yvonne Murphy who talked about the electrification of the railways and batteries adds: "The speakers explained science concepts in a simple way and the engineering pop quiz was definitely a highlight. We all had to stand up or sit down if we got a question wrong and I won a Pint of Science glass for being the last one standing."

Alongside the main talks each evening included a range of science-inspired activities including geeky puzzles, engaging stories and other interactives – and the chance to win a Pint of Science glass.

Pint of Science was established 6 years ago by a group of UK-based post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers and has grown into one of the world's biggest science festivals. IT gives everyone the chance to meet the people behind the incredible research taking place across the globe.