ICE 200: Explore Engineering Weekend ‘a resounding success’

Last weekend the UK played host to over 30 engineering inspired events to celebrate ICE 200.

Events included cycle tours of the city of Nottingham.
Events included cycle tours of the city of Nottingham.

Explore Engineering is one of a number of ICE 200 programmes designed to let the general public know just how important civil engineers are to their lives. As part of Explore Engineering weekend over 30 events were held across the UK and in other countries.

A variety of businesses, schools and cities came together to host events specifically designed to inspire and educate, through fun engineering themed activities for the whole family. It was a fantastic way for people to find out about the built environment in their area and discover how civil engineers shape the world.

The events ranged from city cycle tours in the East Midlands to an extravaganza in the South West region which was attended to by over 400 guests and described as a 'resounding success.'

Peak District
Tours include a walk in the Peak District
River walks along the River Ribble
River walks along the River Ribble

One guest who attended the Preston guided river walk explained:

"Civil Engineering doesn't exist in isolation. It serves our communities and helps to shape the world around us, together with the efforts of many others. Our Explore Engineering Guided River Walk was about civil engineering and bridges as well as rivers and ecology too, making it all the more interesting and collaborative!"

Friday night in London, saw the return of Engineering Late where ICE headquarters was 'buzzing' with guests who were treated to live music, science-meets -fashion, superheroes, tours, quizzes, hot dogs and hooch. Engineering Late also unveiled the new interactive 3D display at the Invisible Superheroes exhibition.

Many events around the country saw guests from engineering backgrounds join non-engineers who were interested in learning more about the subject. The weekend of activities proved to be a huge success where fun was had by all, inspiring the next generation of civil engineer.