ICE 200: Scottish Parliament raises motion for Falkirk Wheel project

The unveiling of one of the ICE 200 People and Projects entries has led to a motion being raised in the Scottish Parliament backing the announcement.

Falkirk Wheel: an influential project worldwide
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Falkirk Wheel: an influential project worldwide

A motion has been raised in the Scottish Parliament by SNP Member (MSP) Angus MacDonald and signed by 12 other MSPs following the unveiling of the Falkirk Wheel as one of ICE 200's People and Projects. The motion welcomes and supports its inclusion as one of ICE 200's influential projects of all time.

February's latest batch of projects also includes Scottish projects The Forth Crossings and Hydro Power in Scotland which have all generated high interest from both the public, social media and media – including Scottish Television's Five O'Clock Show.

The full parliamentary motion reads:

"That the Parliament welcomes the announcement by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) that the Falkirk Wheel is one of 200 influential people and projects worldwide, past and present, which illustrate how civil engineering has shaped the world and transformed people's lives for the better; understands that this announcement comes as part of the 200th anniversary celebrations of ICE, the Scottish Government's Year of Young People and the UK Government's Year of Engineering; recognises that 200 inspirational and world changing projects will be named as part of these celebrations, including the Falkirk Wheel and the Forth Bridge; considers what it sees as the important part that the Falkirk Wheel has played in shaping Falkirk district's tourism, which, along with the Kelpies, have helped make the area the place to come and visit; recognises that these 200 projects are all nominated by ICE's members and selected by an expert panel and considers that those chosen illustrate that civil engineers transform lives for the better and safeguard the future for everyone; wishes ICE continued success in its 200th year and beyond, and looks forward to the Falkirk Wheel achieving more success in the future."