ICE announces core CPD topics details

Following the news that ICE is launching a CPD framework, a full list of topics that members should cover has been published.

The core topics will be ones that ICE members will be required to address as part of their CPD. Image credit: Shutterstock
The core topics will be ones that ICE members will be required to address as part of their CPD. Image credit: Shutterstock

In 2022, ICE will for the first time publish CPD topics that professionally qualified members should address, including safety-based subjects, in response to the In Plain Sight report.

There will be a list of core topics which are intended to be relevant to all professionally qualified members, and ICE’s Professionalism Panel has supplemented this with lists of discipline-specific topics from which members can choose topics that are most relevant to them.

What the topics will cover

Core topics include Conflict Avoidance, the Swiss Cheese Model of Risk Management, Security Mindedness, ICE’s Code of Professional Conduct and Engineering Ethics.

The discipline-specific areas published in September 2021 are: Engineering, Structures and Buildings, Transport, Water and Sewage and Maritime.

The CPD topics to be covered will address key industry challenges such as decarbonisation, climate change, safety, and productivity.

The full list of topics will be published before the end of this year, and CPD activities against the topics will be delivered for ICE members during 2022.

Updated to reflect the needs of society

Chris Burton, chair of ICE’s Professionalism Panel said: "As an industry, and as individual civil engineers, we need to take responsibility for making sure a tragedy like Grenfell never happens again and we must always retain the public’s confidence in our profession.

"We must all have a good understanding of the big challenges that society faces, such as climate change and urbanisation and we must recognise the contemporary landscape in which our profession exists."

He added: "The new framework, and the accompanying learning modules, are the starting point of a programme to offer clearer guidance for members on how to demonstrate they are maintaining their professional development throughout their careers.

"The idea is that the framework content and learning modules are changed regularly to reflect the topics of the day."

Find out more

ICE will gather feedback from members and employers on the relevance of the framework to ensure that the offering can change and evolve according to members’ needs. 

Enforcement of the framework will be considered by ICE from 2023 and approached according to the industry’s needs as a profession and obligations to society. Find out more about Continuing Professional Development on ICE’s membership portal.

The framework has been developed by the ICE Professionalism Panel, which has the responsibility for providing all members with standards, policies and procedures that enhance the understanding of civil engineers’ knowledge, skills and professionalism.