ICE’s Devolution Survey captures press attention

The results of an ICE commissioned survey on devolution have been widely reported across media outlets around the country.

ICE’s Devolution Survey was widely picked up by local press
ICE’s Devolution Survey was widely picked up by local press

As part of ICE's forthcoming 'State of the Nation: Devolution' report, ICE commissioned a survey asking members of the public questions on infrastructure and devolution in England. The survey revealed that the public were generally positive about devolving more infrastructure decisions to local bodies, but had mixed views on which decisions should be devolved.

The majority of respondents in England think devolution measures such as a new fund to support skills growth, more local control of flood management and the introduction of integrated ticketing systems would have a positive impact on their local area, according to the survey by ComRes on behalf of ICE.

The survey results, revealed on ICE's infrastructure blog, did however suggest the public were less positive about devolution plans being implemented without their views being sought, with 78% saying local people should vote to decide whether powers are devolved to their area.

The results were widely picked up by local press including the Bradford Telegraph and Argus, the Press in Yorkshire, the Dorset Echo and the North East's Insider Daily. The level of coverage demonstrates great interest across the country on the impact that devolution could have on infrastructure planning.

ICE's leading insight is widely anticipated ahead of the June launch of a major report to policy makers, 'State of the Nation: Devolution' which draws on a number experts to explore the subject in-depth.