ICE Ecobuild 2018 programme unveiled

ICE reveals its Ecobuild 2018 programme; which explores the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and their relationship to the built environment. Register your free place to learn about new initiatives from industry leaders during this three day conference on ICE’s stand.

ICE’s Ecobuild programme examines challenges in delivering the UN SDGs and corresponding solutions
ICE’s Ecobuild programme examines challenges in delivering the UN SDGs and corresponding solutions

At this year's Ecobuild ICE will showcase what industry is doing to help achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in relation to the five areas where civil engineers can make the most impact – such as clean water, sanitation, energy, infrastructure and climate.

ICE's programme will specifically explore themes related to drainage, digital infrastructure, productivity performance, climate action and more. Programme highlights include:

Launch of sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) route maps

ICE and ACO will launch the hard copy of the sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) routemaps at Ecobuild. This is in response to work carried out by the ICE SuDs Task Group which showed that there are several barriers to wholesale implementation of SuDs. ACO will present these routemaps to offer guidance on effective surface water management in an effort to relieve mounting pressure on sewerage systems.

Smart water management

Take a closer look at smart water management with a focus on how to develop systems that optimise water management with PyTerra's David Arscott. Pyterra is one of the leading authorities on water-related challenges facing communities and organisations. They provide unique solutions to mitigate water risks via a collaborative market approach aided by the use of digital technologies.

Productivity performance in the construction industry

The 'Get It Right Initiative' (GIRI) is aimed at reducing errors in the UK construction industry by improving processes, planning and changing attitudes. Discover the importance of the initiative and share their success stories - delivered by Useful Simple Trust's Ed McCann and Tom Barton who are also lead researchers at GIRI.

Infrastructure modelling

With a focus on developing countries, Daniel Adshead of the UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium's (ITRC) will explore how infrastructure models can be used to make informed decisions. The ITRC is a collaborative effort of 7 UK universities whose goal is to inform infrastructure planning with the use of simulation models.

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The Ecobuild programme will act as an introduction to the week-long Global Engineering Congress hosted by ICE and the WFEO in October.

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