ICE emails - choose what you want to receive

As part of our continuous efforts to improve our digital services to members, ICE is launching a new email preference centre.

Choose your email preferences and receive what you want
Choose your email preferences and receive what you want

ICE, Thomas Telford Ltd and Benevolent Fund marketing or communications emails now have a link at the bottom which says “Update your email preferences”.

Clicking this takes you to a web page with a list of the types of emails ICE sends. There are a total of ten preferences for members to opt in or out of depending on your interests. Simply tick the boxes and save your choices – it may take a day or two for your preferences to be updated on our system.

You can change your preferences as many times as you like.

The preference centre can currently only be accessed through emails you have received from us since 1 August, but we are now working on integrating it into MyICE.

Improving our services

The preference centre has been launched in response to feedback from members. We appreciate that some of the emails you receive from us are not always relevant to your interests. Using the email preference centre will give you much greater control over what ends up in your inbox.