ICE HKA G&S Communications Competition 2020-21 is now open

Communications Competition is a team competition promoting the development of excellent communication for ICE young members. Find out the details on how to enter here.

Champion of ICE HKA G&S Communications Competition 2019-2020
Champion of ICE HKA G&S Communications Competition 2019-2020
This year's Communications Competition for Graduate and Student Members of ICE in Hong Kong has now opened.

The competition, which was originated in the UK, aims to help young members to develop their skills and techniques for public consultation. 

The participants will be required to utilise their interpersonal skills as they present a civil engineering project at a mock public consultation meeting. They will need to win over the judges and audience as they make a presentation and face questions on how the project will affect different stakeholders.

For details, terms and conditions and method of application, please refer to the G&S Communications Competition 2020 – 2021 page here. The deadline has now been extended until 13 December.

Find out more on the competition flyer poster here.

Please feel free to contact Mr Kenny Siu on +852 6920 4786or via email at: [email protected] or: [email protected] for any enquiries.

The Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association Graduate and Students Division (ICE HKA G&S) reserves all rights of the competition, except the result of judgment.