ICE invites government to collaborate with construction industry

ICE has presented a submission for the Government Construction Strategy 2018 update that proposes 12 recommendations, harnessed from the expertise of ICE members.

ICE submission: recommends ways for government to improve the way it works with industry
ICE submission: recommends ways for government to improve the way it works with industry

Government can play a key role in helping the construction industry move towards a more productive and sustainable future if it works closely with industry, says ICE.

Recognising the importance of the Government Construction Strategy (GCS) and the need for a sustainable future for construction, ICE approached the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) to enter a submission to the strategy’s 2018 update.

The submission recommends ways government can refine its approach to commercial strategy, procurement, contracts, digital transformation and risk management. It was presented to the IPA for consideration by the Government Construction Board (GCB).

Utilising the expertise of the industry, ICE makes 12 recommendations. These include the government to adopt the commercial principles set out in Project 13 to promote better engagement with the supply chain, and building the foundations for Building Information Modelling (BIM) to enhance digital transformation and use of the existing asset base.

Hannah Vickers, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at ICE, said: “The door is open for government to collaborate with industry to help shape the development of the GCS and together build a sustainable and productive future for construction within the UK.

“We hope to see government use its substantial influence effectively and consistently to help build an environment that fosters better working practices and deliver a step-change in its relationship with industry.”

The publication of the GCS has proved effective in introducing policy that necessitated change - e.g. mandating BIM Level 2 across publicly procured projects. 

However, the sector has moved on and since the publication of the GCS different ways of working between government and the wider construction industry have evolved.

These include the commitment to offsite construction from 5 departments, the announcement of the Construction Sector Deal and the publication of the IPA’s TIP report with the commitment to better alignment of outcomes, smarter infrastructure and improved procurement processes.

This amplified level of ambition will require a step-change in the government/industry relationship and will ultimately deliver benefits for all parties involved.

Read the full ICE Government Construction Strategy submission

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