ICE launches Project 13: a new way to deliver infrastructure

Project 13, the industry-led initiative to improve the way high performance infrastructure is delivered, has been officially launched by ICE.

Project 13: backed by industry, working together to improve productivity
Project 13: backed by industry, working together to improve productivity

Project 13 will be a step change for the future of the industry – based on an enterprise relationship that maximises performance rather than a transactional one which transfers risk.

Currently in development, Project 13 will move to the implementation phase in March 2018, supporting clients and suppliers to adopt this new delivery model. This will include advisory support, tools, guidance and peer review.

There is wide-ranging support across the civil engineering profession and a diversity of voices from business backing the initiative.

ICE Director General Nick Baveystock says: “Our industry is often criticised for low productivity and concentrating too much on margins. Project 13 is the industry’s attempt to address these issues. The initial thinking has been done, derived by practitioners and clients, and now is the time to take this forward.

“We can only make the bold move towards higher productivity, sustainable skills and long term, value driven enterprises with the active and continued support of the profession.”

KPMG’s Richard Threlfall, who is running one of the Project 13 workgroups, adds: "Project 13 is a concerted effort to transform the UK construction industry. It requires us to change how we think and act and crucially how we work together.

“It won't be easy but the prize is a world class industry and better outcomes for our society."

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