ICE Learning Hub programme update

New programmes are being added to the Learning Hub each month

A new update to the Learning Hub.
A new update to the Learning Hub.

Those wanting to brush up on their leadership, management or decision-making skills will find a range of new modules as part of this month’s Learning Hub update.

The largest update yet has seen content on the Hub more than double, with more than 150 new learning modules, predominantly focused on “soft skills”.

Members will now be able to upskill in areas including planning and monitoring team performance, implementing and adapting to change, as well as prioritizing there workload.

Some of the modules include:

Developing Leadership Module

The primary responsibility of a leader is to ensure their team achieves its task. This module will look at how to define the task and set objectives. We will explore the different leadership styles and the characteristics of each. The main functions of leadership include controlling the process of achieving the task, evaluating the outcome and keeping the team motivated, we will look at each of these in turn. Finally, we will look at the importance of setting a good example.


Decisions need to be made on a daily basis, but what is the best way to make a decision? This module looks at the ICE’S process and the use of a decision matrix to help you to make a choice.

Time Management

This module looks at the sources of time-based problems. Many things can make demands on your time and as those demands build so too will the pressure you’re under, therefore it’s important to not only manage your time but also to set clear goals and prioritise your workload. This module will provide you with advice and guidance on how to manage your time effectively.

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