ICE Learning Hub programme update

An update for members on new programmes being added each month.

This month’s updates to the ICE Learning Hub, free and exclusive to members, include programmes on smart transport and mobility, ground improvement techniques, and the International Construction Measurement Standard, and virtual tours of ICE’s past exhibitions. 

Smart transport systems in the near future 

With this programme, engineers can learn more about anticipated changes to transport in the near future, and use this knowledge to help implement transportation solutions. 

The Little Book of Mobilities in the City 

The latest instalment of the ‘Little Book’ series, part of the Liveable Cities research programme, looks at ‘mobilities in the city’. By encouraging people to think about mobilities differently, this Little Book will help engineers to better understand and change the way people move in cities, now and in the future. 

The research proposes that we need a new way of thinking about mobilities, which considers the greater diversity of movements and the ‘web of practices’ that make people move the way they do.  

It challenges engineers to pay more attention to why certain developments have worked in some cities but not others. 

Changing mobilities in cities in ways that meet people’s needs will require listening to local people while also challenging people’s perceptions of certain mobility practices. For example, people may consider driving to be faster, more comfortable and safer compared with commuting by bus. 

Change will also require understanding and addressing wider political, economic or infrastructural developments that shape and change mobilities in city.  

The advantages and limitations of ground improvement techniques 

This programme examines the factors involved with ground improvements to allow construction to take place.  It details the advantages and the limitations of the techniques available, while case studies give clear examples of how the techniques can be applied, leading to various results. 

The programme gives detailed analysis of vibro techniques, including vibro concrete columns and dynamic compaction. It explains in detail the variables that can impact on the use of these techniques. 

An Introduction to International Construction Measurement Standard 

This programme is aimed at investors, funders, clients, consultants and contractors across all aspects of construction who are interested in standardising cost reporting and data analysis. 

Exhibition virtual tours 

Since 2016, ICE has hosted a series of award-winning public exhibitions at One Great George Street. Members who missed our previous exhibitions can now explore them in detail via the Learning Hub, with the addition of interactive virtual tours for Bridge Engineering (2016), Tunnel Engineering (2017), and Invisible Superheroes (2018). 

The exhibition content may be especially useful to members who are active in public or schools outreach.