ICE Learning hub update - Systems Thinking

The Learning Hub is now offering a series of modules designed to help assist you in using technology when designing tomorrow’s infrastructure.

Following our latest ICE Strategy Session, Using technology to eliminate error online, ICE’s Learning Development team recommends the following modules designed to help assist you in using technology when designing tomorrow’s infrastructure.

Please note that all CPD programmes can be accessed on the Learning HUB through the MyICE dashboard.

Digital Basics Competency Assurance Programme


Digital expertise underlies many of the competencies for civil engineers and touches on all areas of the industry. The content of this basic programme provides context for digital competency and supports members in recognising and assessing their own competence.

This introductory programme is the first of a series of programmes that enable you to demonstrate your commitment to competence development and maintenance.

Intelligent Assets for Tomorrow’s Transport Infrastructure

How is digital technology transforming the way we understand and manage infrastructure assets? Duncan McFarlan, Professor of Industrial Information Engineering at Cambridge, will explain the vision for intelligent infrastructural asset management and the developments towards more intelligent infrastructural assets.

Digital Twins series


This series of programmes is for built environment professionals who would like to understand the basic Digital Twin concept. This introductory programme goes on to explain what the UK government, through its centre of excellence (CDBB) are doing to encourage the development of a National Digital Twin.

Related Modules include:

Project 13: A better Approach To Delivering High Performing Infrastructure

Organisations from all levels of the supply chain agree that the infrastructure industry's current operating model is broken. Often projects are delivered over budget/ past the deadline.

Project 13 intends to change that with a new long-term, value driven approach - and it's backed by big industry hitters. This a new business model - based on an enterprise not on traditional transactional arrangements - that will boost certainty and productivity in delivery, improve whole life outcomes and support a more sustainable, innovative, highly skilled industry.

A Guide to Improving Value by Reducing Design Error


This programme sets out the recommendations of the Get It Right Initiative Design Guide.

The Get It Right Initiative (GIRI), aims to significantly reduce avoidable error in the construction industry and its associated consequences.

The Design Guide has been created by members of the GIRI in recognition of the large proportion of construction errors rooted in design deficiencies.

Other available programmes on Systems thinking also include:

The Benefits of Collaboration and Alliancing on Infrastructure Projects

In this programme, ICE covers the topic of infrastructure alliancing and how collaborative working practices can be and have been adopted successfully globally to offer substantial efficiency savings. By completing these modules, you will have evaluated the benefits of collaboration and analysed a code of practice for alliancing on infrastructure projects.

‘The Little Book Of'... Series

'The little book of' consists of a series of e-learning programmes and liveable cities, designed by Chris Rogers and created to help civil engineers with transforming the engineering of cities for global and societal well-being.

Understanding And Improving Resilience Of Infrastructure

This programme is for engineers with an interest in understanding how to improve resilience of infrastructure, in the face of climate change and increasing adverse weather events.