ICE London joins London Climate Change Partnership

The London region of the ICE has joined with other organisations across the Capital to find solutions to the issue of climate change

ICE joins the London Climate Change Partnership.
ICE joins the London Climate Change Partnership.

ICE London has joined the London Climate Change Partnership which works to bring together and coordinate public, private and community sector organisations to prepare London for extreme weather today and climate change in the future.

The Partnership consists of experts in the fields of environment, finance, health and social care, development, housing, government, utility, communications, transport and retail sectors, all of which have a shared interest in ensuring London is well adapted and resilient to extreme weather.

Climate change is one the biggest challenges facing the UK, increasingly the likelihood of droughts, flooding and heatwaves. Some changes are now inevitable and to avoid more extreme changes London will need to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

The London Climate Change Partnership will the Capital mitigate and adapt to climate change by:

  • Collecting and sharing high quality information about expected climate change, its impacts on London and examples of suitable actions to adopt, including where appropriate commissioning research.
  • Raising awareness of the impacts of climate change with organisations and people, equipping them with the information they need to adapt.
  • Driving forward adaptation in London through member organisations, leading by example, and acting as sector champions.
  • Informing policy with local evidence.
  • Exchanging information, experience and examples of adaptation actions with other organisations and cities, nationally and internationally.
  • Monitoring how prepared London is for climate change.
  • Seeking opportunities to improve resilience alongside reducing carbon emissions.

Suzanne Moroney, ICE London Director said: "We are delighted to become a member of the London Climate Change Partnership, allowing us to work with other organisations concerned about this important issue.

"Engineers are going to need to be radical and innovative if we are to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to rising global temperatures. I look forward to working with the Partnership to find practical ways in which we can do so, ensuring that London is resilient and prepared for the future".

Chairman of the London Climate Change Partnership, Prof Chris Rapley CBE said: "I'm delighted to welcome ICE to the partnership. ICE is the respected and powerful voice of members across many sectors. They have the experience and great potential to drive real-world changes to improve the climate resilience of London"

More information on the London Climate Change Partnership can be found on their website:

If you would like to get involved in our work on climate change in London, please contact Max Sugarman at: