Is London really prepared for climate change, cyber attacks and terrorism?

ICE London’s new knowledge programme will seek to answer whether the capital is prepared for human and environmental threats.

How can we prepare the capital?
How can we prepare the capital?

London is a growing city, predicted to contain 11 million people by 2050. The demand for housing, offices and retail areas continues to grow as the city becomes ever larger.

But how prepared is this booming city for the threats of climate change, cyber-attacks and terrorism?

This is the question ICE London’s new knowledge programme – Preparing London for Change – seeks to answer.

Over three lectures, two webinars and a thought leadership roundtable discussion, ICE London will identify the issues that could threaten London in the future and will set out how the capital can prepare for them.

In the first lecture, a panel of experts will consider human threats, such as terrorism and cyber-attacks and what these new challenges mean for the built environment.

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In the second lecture, our experts will look at the environmental threats to London in the form of drought, flooding and heatwaves.

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In the third lecture, we will look at how resilience can be used as a springboard for redevelopment and place making.

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These will be followed by webinars on the Environment Agency’s TE2100 Plan and on how London can prepare for increased energy demand. More details on the webinars to follow.

Preparing London for Change is part of ICE’s Energy, Resilience and Climate Change Programme, looking at the big questions surrounding climate change and its impact on the planet.

Preparing London for Change is supported by London Resilience, the body tasked with coordinating institutions and communities to prevent, handle, recover and learn from disruption, and adapt to change; on behalf of the Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, Local Authorities and London Fire Brigade to ensure London survives and prospers.

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