ICE London responds to Mayor’s vision

Engineers from across London have contributed to ICE London’s response to A City for All Londoners

City Hall, London
City Hall, London

Engineers from across the Capital have contributed to ICE London's response to Mayor Sadiq Khan's statement of ambition for the next four years.

A City for All Londoners sets out a number of the Mayor's policy directions, from transport and housing to waste and energy. The document is the beginning of City Hall's review of the London Plan, their spatial strategy for London, and the seven other statutory strategies which will be published over the next two years.

In the response, ICE London welcomes a number of the proposals, including the establishment of an Energy For Londoners agency and the commitment to transport projects like Crossrail 2 and the Bakerloo Line extension.

However, ICE London also calls on the Mayor to take a more strategic leadership role in some areas, particularly in the water and resource management sectors.

In the water sector, ICE London calls on the Mayor to lead on water security. With demand for water in the Capital projected to exceed supply by 10 per cent in 2025 and by 21 per cent in 2040, the Mayor is asked to consider new large scale sources of supply whilst also encouraging demand management solutions like the roll out of smart meters.

Flooding is also highlighted as an area where the Mayor can act. Surface water flooding poses a growing risk to London, particularly due to the paving over of permeable surfaces. The Mayor could take a larger role in increasing the uptake of sustainable drainage.

Similarly, in the resource management sector, ICE London suggests the Mayor actively begin harmonising waste collection and management in the boroughs and highlights that a shift to a circular economy model will require systemic changes to all GLA and TfL policies, rather than one single initiative.

Suzanne Moroney, ICE London Director said: "With the growing threat of climate change, a growing population and the uncertainty of Brexit, the Capital faces a number of challenges over the coming years. To ensure it continues to thrive, our infrastructure must be the best it can be – resilient, flexible to changing use and technologically advanced.

"A City for All Londoners sets out a number of policies that will help to do this, but there is a greater role for the Mayor to take, particularly in the water and waste sectors. Protecting London from flooding, ensuring we have a secure source of water and moving towards a circular economy will all make the city a more sustainable, competitive and successful place.

"We also commit to continuing our work with the Mayor and GLA, using our members' expertise to provide impartial and independent advice."

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ICE London would like to thank all regional Panel and Network members for contributing to the response. Find out the members of these groups.