ICE Mentoring – delivering career guidance and advice

Are you looking for support and guidance on the next step in your career? Or perhaps you’re an experienced civil engineer ready to share your experience and knowledge to help another member?

Get support or help other engineers.
Get support or help other engineers.

ICE Mentoring could be what you're looking for.

About the scheme

The mentoring scheme matches graduate and qualified members with more experienced engineers who can offer advice and support. It's part of ICE's commitment to support members' continuing professional development.

Who is the scheme for and how does it work?

We need both mentors and mentees to join the scheme.

Our online platform will help to make the initial match, based on areas of common interest and experience. There are also resources and tools to help you get the most from the experience.


To join as a mentor, you should be an experienced engineer, engineering technician (EngTech), incorporated engineer (IEng) or chartered engineer (CEng) qualified for five years or more.

Mentors will benefit by:

  • Sharing your knowledge and experience to help others
  • Developing your coaching, communication and leadership skills
  • Gaining CPD
  • Growing your professional network


To sign up as a mentee, you need to be either a graduate member, or have qualified within the last 15 years (we'll make sure you're matched to someone of greater experience).

As a mentee, you can:

  • Learn from an experienced civil engineer
  • Get impartial, objective and confidential career advice
  • Gain a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from your mentor which can contribute to your CPD

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Not professionally qualified yet?

We also offer support to those working towards becoming professionally qualified with ICE. Find out more about our new membership support centre.