ICE Northern Ireland boasts member success

Members’ hard work and engagement with ICE led to success at their professional reviews

Congratulations to all Northern Ireland members who professionally qualified in 2016.
Congratulations to all Northern Ireland members who professionally qualified in 2016.

In 2016, ICE Northern Ireland welcomed 43 professionally qualified members: 22 qualified as CEng, 3 as IEng and 18 as EngTech. This fantastic result is a testament to our members' hard work, talent and preparation, and a tribute to the success of our Membership Development team.

Among the newly qualified members, there was a common theme – the use of ICE's resources and various courses, which aided their success. Many of them had availed themselves of the numerous preparatory courses, career appraisals and membership surgeries on offer.

Membership Development Officer Jenny Green said that engaging with ICE prior to reviews is a sure-fire way to get expert advice and to gain confidence.

"The Membership Development team want to ensure that our people do their absolute best during their professional reviews," Jenny said. "We are delighted by their continuing success, and are particularly pleased by the huge success of EngTech members in 2016."

"If you or a colleague intend on sitting your professional review, ICE has abundant resources available. Please get in touch for advice."

Those who professionally qualified in 2016 and are not pictured include:

  • Juan Martin Caracuel
  • William John Cunningham
  • Colm Curran
  • Marian Falconer
  • Gary Gallagher
  • Neil Graham
  • Shane Grant
  • Graeme Henderson
  • Dermott Love
  • James Mawhinney
  • Colm Maxwell
  • Conor McAlister
  • Stephen McAuley
  • Barney McEldowney
  • Niall McGill
  • Ruth Mitchell
  • John Ryan
  • Mark Stephenson
  • Neil Sturdy

Pictured: Front row, left to right: Joe McElduff, Martin McKeown, Peter McGaughey, Arian Cerro, Tracey Flanagan; second row, left to right: Lauren Gracey, Jennifer Faulconbridge, Adrian Pollock, Peter McMath, Eoin Carey, Alister Knipe, Jenny Green, Alistair Payne; stairs, clockwise from bottom left: Trevor McFarland, Martin Caughey, Kingsley Sunday, Seamus Fitzsimons, Kris Campbell, Gary McGettigan, Allan Scott, Peter Morrow, Joe Torney, Mark Kelly, Keith Bingham, Nigel Parnaby.