ICE Training launches professional review evening classes

ICE Training and ICE South West region have devised a new format for training classes designed to support graduates looking to take their professional review.

Each courses maps to the ICE Key attributes
Each courses maps to the ICE Key attributes

In a new development for ICE Training, this programme will be delivered in a series of evening courses to improve access for those in full time employment.

Working alongside the ICE South West Region, ICE Training has developed the programme to assist those who are working towards their ICE Professional Review. Each of the courses has been broken down into bitesize sessions of two hours in length and will be run over a four-week period.

Courses delivered in this format will initially be:

Course Date
ICE Health and Safety January 2018 - Bristol
Construction Project Management March 2018 – Exeter
Temporary Works Co-ordination to be confirmed
Sustainable Futures to be confirmed
NEC Contracts (including an eLearning module) to be confirmed
Finance for Engineers to be confirmed

Each of these courses maps to the ICE Key Attributes, which must be demonstrated at Professional Review.

  • Construction Project Management and NEC Contracts map to attributes 3. (Management and Leadership)
  • ICE Health and Safety and Temporary Works Co-ordination maps to attributes 3. (Management and Leadership) and 6. (Heath, Safety and Welfare)
  • Sustainable Futures maps to attribute 7. (Sustainable Development)
  • Finance for Engineers maps to 5. (Commercial Ability)

The first of these sessions will be delivered this January 2018 in Bristol.

For more information visit or contact us: [email protected]; +44 (0)20 7665 2457.