ICE200 Superheroes/Wellington Cable Car exhibition

The ICE New Zealand Wellington team recently partnered with Museums Wellington to present an Invisible Superheroes exhibition at the Wellington Cable Car Museum.

The event was hailed as a great success
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The event was hailed as a great success
The exhibition was targeted at the general public and children in particular.

It featured real-life engineers as cartoon superheroes who are battling to save the planet from dangers such as climate change, flooding, and the spread of disease.

There were also engineers on hand to interact with visitors, answer any questions and help with a 'make paper strong' activity.

More than 600 young people visited the event during the period the engineers were available. The event was deemed a great success with visitors engaged and interested in finding out what engineers do.

The event would not have been possible without the support of the Wellington Cable Car Museum and the volunteers who assisted on pulling the event together.