The impact of underground railways or metros on cities

Professor Tony Ridley, Lord Robert Mair and Richard Anderson of Imperial College are to discuss the skills required by modern engineers working on underground railways (metros) at this year’s Smeaton Lecture on 17 July.

Looking at the impact of underground railways.
Looking at the impact of underground railways.

Tony Ridley, Past President of ICE, will illustrate the breadth of engineering through his experience running some of the world's great metros. He will draw on lessons learned from a career at the highest level of civil engineering, taken from his recently published book Engineering in Perspective – Lessons for a Successful Career.

His colleague Richard Anderson, Managing Director of the Railway Technology Strategy Centre at Imperial College London, will describe the history of the RTSC, drawing on examples from benchmarking undertaken for metro systems worldwide to demonstrate the growth and the beneficial impact of metros serving diverse communities.

The free lecture (and online webinar) has a follow-on dinner at £50 a head.