Infrastructure finance workshops to gather industry views

ICE is running workshops across the UK to collate views and opinions that will  feed into our State of the Nation 2018: Investment report.

State of the Nation workshops: gauging views on infrastructure investment
State of the Nation workshops: gauging views on infrastructure investment
ICE is to hold a series of workshops this June to gather knowledge, views and opinions from members, regional stakeholders and regional industry leaders across the UK  for the forthcoming ‘State of the Nation 2018: Investment’ report launching later this year. This will look at the risks and opportunities in UK infrastructure investment.

The National Infrastructure Commission has been asked to plan infrastructure needs between 2020 and 2050 based on government spending of between 1-1.2% of GDP. In the face of weaker public finances and the significant cost of major projects like HS2, Hinkley and Heathrow, this will be a challenge.

The workshops will take an in-depth look at the investment needs of the sector. Through case studies, diagrams and examples of international best practice, the report will analyse how funding and finance can flow to support the capital and revenue needs of infrastructure systems.

Questions the SoN infrastructure investment report will tackle include:
  • Using existing analysis and scenarios, what are the UK’s infrastructure needs up to 2050? Where/when will there be critical pinch points?
  • How can government create an attractive and consistent proposal for investors to engage in public sector infrastructure projects?
  • What can the sector do to improve business practice, skills and relationships within the supply chain in order to meet the needs and expectations of the public and provide financial stability?
  • How can funding and finance flow across sectors to support and incentivise managing interdependencies in the infrastructure system?
The overarching objectives are to recommend a series of interventions to policymakers and other key stakeholders for meeting UK infrastructure investment need; in order to ensure that the UK has high-performing infrastructure networks that facilitate economic growth and improve quality of life.  

The report will follow ICE’s previous State of the Nation reports which offer policymakers expert insight issues affecting civil engineering. Last year’s State of the Nation: Digital Transformation looked at how advances in digital technology and data are transforming how we design, deliver and operate infrastructure.